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Our Fleet

From Track Day Novice to Experienced Racer, we've got you covered!


2006 Mazda MX-5 (NC)

There's a reason they say "Miata is always the answer." This little cutie is the perfect car to hone your skills. It has power steering, ABS, TCS, and ESC with the latter two being optional depending on the drivers' preference. The MX-5 is super friendly to drive, and promotes good driving habits. Need we say more?

Basic Specifications:

2.0L N/A Inline-4 Engine

RWD with Limited Slip Differential

6-Speed Manual Transmission

20xx BMW Spec E9x

The Ultimate Driving Machine. This generation of 3-series is still renowned for its phenomenal handling dynamics, and turbine-smooth power delivery. Our SE9x provides enjoyment at HPDEs as well as a competitive machine in many different racing series and classes. Trust us, this spicy schnitzel doesn't disappoint! 

Basic Specifications:

3.0L N/A Inline-6 Engine

RWD with Limited Slip Differential

6-Speed Manual Transmission


Spec Racer Ford Gen 3

Our bona-fide racecar, which was created by the SCCA themselves. It may only have half the power of our Spec E9x, but it also weighs half as much! No matter your skill level, you will always find someone to battle because this class is so popular. But be warned, it's rear weight bias could bite you! 

Basic Specifications:

1.6L N/A Inline-4 Engine


6-Speed Sequential Transmission

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