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Daytona 2018: The Perfect Weekend?

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Qualifying: 2nd Race 1: 1st Race 2: 1st

The team was excited for another race weekend in Daytona, as our event there in 2017 proved to be very successful. Quentin fought some hard battles to end up with a 1st and 3rd place, respectively, in the two races at Daytona in 2017. Unfortunately, the car had other plans. As soon as we arrived, we noticed something leaking under the front of the car. Upon further inspection, it was clear that the radiator had sprung a leak. Luckily, the team got to the track on Friday and had until Saturday morning to get the car prepped for the track.

The great guys at Duane Neyer Motorsports provided us with a new radiator and even helped us with the installation. Even with the help, our team was working through to dark hours in order to finish everything and make sure the car was good to go on Saturday. Quentin hopped in the car on Saturday morning and ran a great qualifying session. The car ran reliably, and Quentin continued the previous years’ tradition of drafting and battling hard with the SRF field.

After starting the sprint race from 2nd, Quentin was locked in a battle with veteran-driver Ken Marino for most of the race. Quentin made his move with a few laps to go, which ended up being the perfect time as the safety car was called out immediately afterwards. An on-track incident forced the race to end under the safety car, with Quentin leading the field to a very slow-paced finish.

Quentin was able to get good start in the Sunday feature race. He was followed closely by fellow SRF driver John Annis before finding his flow and pulling away from the entire field. Consistent laps gave Quentin an upper-hand before the safety car was called out once again, following an on-track incident. With only one lap to go, the field went green again, and Quentin was being chased closely by Annis. However, Quentin was able to weave his way through traffic with great efficiency and build up a lead by the time they got to the banking. This meant Annis was unable to capitalize on any draft, and Quentin raced to another victory at Daytona!

Although there were some issues at the beginning of our weekend, the team couldn’t be happier with our results. “This weekend was another great opportunity to improve my race craft, and I think the whole team did a great job to give me a quick and reliable car. It was fun battling with the other drivers, and I’m glad I was able to come out on top,” said Quentin when asked to summarize the weekend. We would like to thank Duane Neyer Motorsports, Venturi Motorsports Management, and Hooked On Driving for their support. Of course, thank you to all of our friends & family who continue to support us as well!

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