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Road Atlanta 2018: A True Bucket-List Experience

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Qualifying: 1st Race 1: 1st Race 2: 1st

Arriving at the beautiful Road Atlanta circuit was a site to behold. The team arrived on Thursday, which gave us plenty of time to prepare for our first session on Saturday morning. The car had a fresh transmission rebuild thanks to Duane Neyer Motorsports, as well as getting its routine service between race weekends by the team. Our weekend was, therefore, set to be stress-free and quite fun. The only thing missing was competition. As the team learned on Friday, Quentin would only be competing against one individual. However, his competitor would prove to be quite formidable as he was a local to the track. So, we quickly got down to business when the track action started on Saturday.

Our goals for the weekend were to consistently improve the pace throughout each session, out-race our competitor, and bring the car home in one piece. The first step would be completing a qualifying session. Quentin headed on track for the first time and came back in twenty minutes later with a huge grin on his face. “This track is incredible! It’s like a racing roller-coaster!” he proclaimed. As it turned out, he did enjoy the track, enough so to qualify ahead of his competitor. This gave the whole team a boost of confidence going into the first sprint race.

Coming down the hill at turn 11, the field of SRFs was set free for their first race. As usual, there was a lot of bustling into turn 1 with every car trying to find room for itself. Quentin carefully navigates through turn 1 and up the hill through turns 2 & 3. After the first lap, Quentin was in front of his competitor and stayed there. The race was another opportunity for Quentin to explore the track and really find some pace. He made the most of it and managed to go eight tenths of second quicker than in qualifying. Race one was complete, and the team had managed to beat expectations. However, the final test would come on Sunday in the feature race.

After looking through some data and a few adjustments on the car, Quentin set off to start his final race of the weekend. Again, he carefully managed his way through the first few corners before settling into the lead of the race. As the race went on, Quentin continued to experiment with different lines to set faster lap times. This was also helped by a 3rd generation SRF which sat only a few seconds ahead of him for most of the race. This certainly motivated Quentin to maximize every corner in an attempt to keep up with a much faster car. Although he never managed to close the gap, Quentin put down consistently quick times and took the checkered flag with a handy margin of victory. Additionally, he managed to go another six tenths quicker than in the prior sprint race on the same tires.

The weekend was a huge success for the whole team, and Quentin learned why Road Atlanta is such a legendary track. The elevation changes, the long sweepers, and the beautiful scenery makes for an amazing circuit. We would like to thank Duane Neyer Motorsports, Venturi Motorsports Management, and Hooked On Driving for their continued support. Also thank you to all of our friends & family for all of your support through our racing adventures!

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