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Bridgestone Racing Academy - A Great Success

Updated: Aug 27, 2022


Completing the 3-day race school with Bridgestone Racing Academy taought me many things. I learned how to handle a real race car and do so quickly and responsibly. I ended the three days with a BRA certificate and application for my competition SCCA license. The experience was priceless and the people I met were all very helpful. Here's a letter from the President of the Bridgestone Racing Academy, Brett Goodman:

Aug 28 / 14

Dear Quentin De Boever,

I am writing on behalf of myself and our Chief Instructor.

Every once in a while we have a young driver with very little experience (3 years of karting & no race car experience in your case), participate in our 3 day “Wheel to Wheel" Race license program and achieve impressive above average results.

It is easy to say you certainly did that with us this season.

You not only quickly achieved great speed and took coaching very well but you did so in a very clean and tidy manner while respecting the other participants, the rules and the race car.

Your participation in class was mature, insightful and well articulated.

If our company had a pro-team and was looking for a rookie driver to develop, you would definitely be on our short list.

Best of luck in your future motorsport endevours.

Sincerely, Brett Goodman Owner / President


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