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2006 Mazda MX-5 Miata Grand Touring

Powertrain: 2.0L Inline 4-Cylinder

Drivetrain: 6-Speed Manual with Limited Slip Differential
Curb Weight: 2,498 lbs / 1,133 kg
Rated Outputs (Power/Torque): 167 bhp / 140 lb-ft
Estimated Weight-to-Power Ratio: 14.96 lbs/bhp
Tires: 245/40R17 Bridgestone RE-71R
Brakes: HAWK DTC-70 Front & DTC-60 Rear Pads with ATE Typ200 Fluid

Front Alignment: +7.9° Caster, -2.10° Camber, 1/64" Toe-in

Rear Alignment: -1.8° Camber, 1/64" Toe-in


  • AEM Cold Air Intake

  • GWR Max Power Exhaust Header (No Catalytic Converter)

  • GWR Helmholtz Midpipe with Catalytic Converter

  • GWR Race Muffler with Baffle installed


  • Progress Front & Rear Anti-Roll Bars with GWR Adjustable End-links

  • MeisterR ZetaCRD+ Coilovers

  • Flyin' Miata Kogeki 17x9 Rims


  • Moroso Aluminum Power Steering Reservoir & Coolant Expansion Tank

  • Stainless Steel Brake & Clutch Lines

  • Reinforced Black Halo Racing RX-8 Clutch Pedal


  • OE Mazda Factory Removable Hardtop

  • Hard Dog M3 Sport Roll Bar

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