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Change in Ocala!

 This race marked my first time driving a Rotax Senior and Shifter kart. The move from junior to senior could've been much worse, and I was thankful to the whole OGP crew for all their help. I did a couple practice sessions friday, and saturday was race day. Although we accidentally fitted rain rims to my kart for qualifying, I still managed to get 5th place, which was a very good result already. In the pre-final, I drove as hard as I could and ended up 3rd! I was hoping to carry this momentum into the final, as we made some adjustments to the kart. In the final, I was running in a solid 4th place, but I was rear-ended multiple times and unfortunately my back bumper bolt snapped, this led to my first senior race being a DNF. With that said, I am still happy with the pace I was running and hope to improve for next time! Shifter didn't go too well for me, as I only had 3 or 4 clean sessions, I was never able to get up to speed. I qualified 9th, and in the pre-final, my throttle got stuck open somehow, so I pulled off track before the start of the race. For the final, I went out for my warm-up lap and sure enough, the throttle got stuck again. But this time, I knew I had to race, so I did everything I could. I unbelievably managed to get a decent start, but my throttle kept getting jammed so I was figgiting with it for about 3 laps until it finally stopped. In these 3 laps, the problem probably cost me about 15-20 seconds on a track that takes about 36 seconds to get around. I just tried my best and had fun, and managed to stay away from being lapped too! Although I have a lot to learn, I really enjoy driving the shifter and hope to keep improving!

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