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First Win in Rotax Senior!

 I am pleased to say that after only 5 races, I have gotten my maiden win in the Rotax Senior category! My weeknd wasn't looking too well as I struggled to get 3rd in qualifying. Then I ran 2nd for a large portion of the pre-final until being passed, I was sitting in 3rd with one turn left. But to my good fortune, the two drivers in front of me got into a squabble and I was able to take the checkered in first! In the final, I started to pull out a small gap to 2nd place when my mychron (lap time/temp monitor) stopped working. I just stayed calm and focused on doing the best I could. I ran very consistent times, but towards the end my engine got too hot and I was losing power. I didn't want to adjust my engine temperature flap as I didn't fully know the temperature it was at. This let the field close the gap I had built up. Again, I drove consistently and made no mistakes. In the end, I crossed the flag half a second ahead of second place driver Morgan Healey. Winning is the best feeling you can have at the end of the day, so of course I was happy as a clam! But then I learned that I had gotten 2nd place in the Rotax Senior championship and 3rd in the shifter championship! So I ended up with a medal and 2 rather large trophies! I want to thank all my friends and family for supporting me, I couldn't have done it without you! Especially my dad, who has been my mechanic for the past couple months. It's amazing that we are able to compete with everyone else who has their mechanics and what not. A great weekend, and hopefully more to come soon!
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