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Double Podium Weekend in Ocala!

  It seems as though all the hard work paid off for us this weekend. After only 3 races in the Rotax Senior and S2 Shifter categories, I was able to reach the podium. These podiums will be very helpful in my figtht to get a good position in the championship as they were double points races. In Senior, the competition was fierce as always. In qualifying, I put together a good lap, but it was only good for 7th. Partly because I didn't have the all important draft that the top 3 drivers had gotten. None the less, I tried to stay positive and make up some positions in the pre-final. At the start of the pre-final, there were some big wrecks, but I managed to avoid all of them. I was in 6th at the beginning of the pre-final and started to worl my way up. I easily got by the first kart in front of me to get up to 5th, and luckily for me, the 3rd and 4th place drivers were battling. This allowed me to close the gap and get into the draft. After a couple laps, I passed one, and then the other. I was in 3rd place and could hardly believe it! The next driver up was at least 3 seconds ahead so I figured I would try and maintain position until the end. But then I realized how rapidly I was catching him as I put in some blistering laps, and with 2 laps remaining I was all over him! On the last lap he blocked the inside of the straight away and I went right around him on the outside, but we still had the rest of the lap to go, we banged karts as each of us wanted the 2nd position. In the end though, I came out on top! In the final, I started 2nd alongside Oliver Askew, who had won the pre-final. I got a decent start and remained in 2nd, right behind him. I fended off some people for a couple laps before settling into a constant pace right behind Oliver. At the end of the race, I was still glued to his back bumper, but didn't quite have to the speed to pass, and ended up an outstad\nding 2nd! In shifters, I qualified 3rd and had a hard battle in the pre-final to end up 4th. In the final, I battled hard again for 22 laps, sitting in 4th. But I found an opportunity and slid passed, putting me in 3rd. I remained in 3rd until the end to clinch my first ever Shifter podium! It was an amazing weekend and I couldn't have done it without the support of my family and friends!

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