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2013 Rotax Pan-American Challenge: Quentin shows Promise in the Senior Category

 After only a month in the Rotax Senior division, Quentin headed out for one of the biggest races in America. The track was NOLA Motorsports Park, a very long and technical track where curb usage and smoothness are key. Unfortunately for Quentin, his week didn't start out on a good foot, as he missed the first practice session on Wednesday. But his kart was ready for the second session as he headed out on track for the first time. Everything went reasonab;y well for the rest of Wednesday practice, but Thursday wouldn't be as easy. After the morning practice sessions, Quentin was looking to try and improve the rest of the day and close the gap to the leaders. Unfortunately, he never got the chance- because for the last 2 sessions of the day, his chain was torn off the kart. This lost him a lot of needed practice, but fortunately for him, he got some help. After talking to many people about how to go over the curbs, Quentin went out for Friday morning warm-up and was able to complete the entire session without any trouble. But it didn't last long, because as he was coming around for one of his last laps in qualifying, he spun off track, instantly ending his session. Without all his laps, Quentin qualified 18th out of the 31 Senior Max drivers at the event. For the first heat race, mixed-conditions plagued Quentin and he only managed a 17th place finish out of the 31 competitors. On Saturday morning, Quentin put on a brave face and just tried to get comfortable with the track in morning warm-up. For Heat 2, Quentin managed to get through the first lap wreckage and keep a quick pace to finish 8th! It was a great result and he concentrated on keeping this pace for the final heat race. In the third heat race, Quentin once again kept a good pace to finish 13th. So with a 17th, 13th, and an 8th, it set Quentin to start 10th in the pre-final! It was a very memorable moment and was one of Quentin's biggest highlights of the weekend! On Sunday, Quentin felt the pressure and gave it his all to finish a respectable 15th in the pre-final, while still trying to adapt to a new rear-axle which had just been fitted in morning warm-up! But the weekend wasn't meant to be, as his motor bogged at the start of the final, effectively losing him many places and putting him in the middle of all the wreckage. After barely getting out of turn 1, Quentin managed to make up some positions through turn 2. In turns 3 and 4, however, he was run over twice- hurting his back and hitting his chain guard, which was now rubbing against the chain and axle. After the incident, Quentin felt weak and his kart had weak brakes and no power (due to getting run over). Despite all this, Quentin carried on, catching the group of karts in front of him. You would think that his bad luck would be over by now, but it didn't stop. At the end of lap 4, Quentin was punted into the last chicanes and veered off the track into the thick grass. Quentin quickly jumped out of his kart and pulled it back onto the track, then got back in to start it. Alas, after several tries, it wouldn't start, so he pulled the choke- still no luck, he pushed the choke back down and tried again- nothing. Quentin scurried out of the kart again and tried to remove all the grass that had built up around the engine. Then he jumped back in and tried to start his machine again- nothing, choke on- nothing, choke off- nothing, on- nothing, off- nothing- nothing- nothing.After this, Quentin froze for a second, and then solemnly climbed out of his kart and pulled it back off track. His race was over, and there was nothing he could do about it.Although it wasn't the best result, Quentin officially ended up 24th of the 31 Senior Max drivers. So not too good in the final, but he was happy with what he had done during the week overall and is just looking forward to the next one more than ever!

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