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Our Community


Quentin De Boever | Team Manager

Apart from managing the team, Quentin is currently focused on improving his sim racing abilities. He started his racing career with karts in 2011 before graduating to cars in 2015. His favorite accomplishment is claiming the SCCA South Atlantic Road Racing Championship (SARRC) in 2018 with the teams' Spec Racer Ford (2nd generation). He also enjoys taking his Mazda MX-5 to the occasional track day!


Olivier Bellanger | Driver

Olivier is a very talented driver in both reality and on the sim. He started karting at a young age, before graduating to cars in 2016. Olivier spent most of his time racing in the Spec E30 class with the National Autosport Association (NASA), before switching gears to focus on sim racing. He mainly competes in GT3 leagues in iRacing to keep his skills sharp.  


Tyla Reynolds | Marketing Manager

Tyla is responsible for keeping everything organized during race weekends, social media posting/editing, and some photography. Luckily, she does have enough free time to occasionally take her Volkswagen Golf GTI to a track day! The team are striving hard to get her more racing experience in both HPDEs and local kart tracks. She is an essential member of the team regardless.


Bart De Boever | Owner

As the owner, Bart makes the tough calls on new endeavors and planning for each season. Although he started the team to support Quentin, he now finds himself on track more regularly than anyone else in the team! He enjoys at least a monthly trip to the track in his BMW 135i, and has also gained experience in Spec Racer Ford over the past few years.

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